😩 spending all your time running your business & not doing what you actually love: taking photos! 

👻 getting ghosted because you can’t get back to warm leads in time to capture their attention 

🌪️ wasting all your free time catching up on admin “busy work” and can’t crawl out of the email hole 

👩‍💻 going back-and-forth in mind-numbing emails JUST trying to figure out when to schedule a shoot with a client  

🗂️ pulling your hair out because you don’t know how to manage, track, and store contracts, invoices, and client info (let alone do it on auto-pilot!) 

Let me guess...you feel like you're...

📸 spend MORE time taking photos with cool clients without the nagging feeling that your admin work is waiting 

📆 have a full call calendar of GREAT leads with NO work from you

💸 have a so-easy-a-caveman-could-do-it system where clients could BOOK SHOOTS in one link vs. one million emails back and forth

🛫 deliver personalized contracts and invoices on AUTOPILOT

🏝️ spend your free time doing whatever the HECK YOU PLEASE because the mind-numbing-pull-your-hair-out admin work is automated and your system is working FOR YOU without you having to lift a finger

And you’d be willing to sacrifice your absolute favorite lens to just…

Here's the truth...

It doesn't have to be this way.

That’s exactly why I created The Accelerate & Automate Course to help you RUN your interior & arch photo like a pro: automate your lead activation, book more photoshoots, and eliminate hours of time spent in the minutia of client communications.
I noticed when I started working with interior designers that we just clicked. They would mention that I was "easier to work with compared to other photographers" but it wasn’t just because of my systems... 

👀 Why?

Because I was literally raised by an interior designer (hey mamma!)... 

so I know what an interior designer and architect needs, what they want from their business, and how they attract clients. And that's what I want to teach you.

If you’re having a hard time connecting with interior designers, I’m going to teach you what you need to do to convert more leads & book more shoots. 

Bonus? It’s something you only need to do once… and then it works for you forever and ever.

Want to be their go-to photographer?

The Accelerate & Automate Course is a designed-for-you automated business admin system to help interior and architectural photographers eliminate 10 hours of admin time per week with only 11 hours of set-up time, keep hot leads engaged, and book photoshoots on auto-pilot.


Get your automated admin system kicked-in so you can kick back.

A send-one-link system that schedules shoots, books clients, sends invoices and contracts, and collects shoot docs for you all without having to lift a finger.

Booking System


Keep leads hot and active until you’re available (plus it primes inquiring clients for a great sales call).

Lead Capture System


Automated, lead triggered workflows in Dubsado that systematically take your lead from inquiry to client all without you doing a SINGLE thing except to show up to your sales call and show off how magical you are.

My EXACT Workflows 


A Notion Vault of pre-formatted canned emails, proposals, questionnaires, and schedulers that will eliminate hours of admin work every project.

Done for you docs


Join Now & Get Immediate Access To:


step one

  • Analyze where you are NOW and figure out where you want your NEW automated system to TAKE YOU
  • Reduce reactivity and INCREASE Proactivity...on autopilot
  • Increase Lead Engagement

Get proactive in your business without burning the whole thing down!


step Two

  • How to identify an ideal client from a not-so-ideal client within your niche
  • How to care for your client and make them feel extra special…before you ever even meet them
  • Learn how to leave “competing on price” in the past!
Make your clients say, "Finally! A photographer who gets me!"


step three

  • A done-for-you Notion dashboard of documents like canned emails, proposals, and schedulers that will eliminate hours of admin work every project.
  • Step-by-step guidance on creating your OWN accelerated templated system within your Dubsado account that you can customize to YOU and YOUR clients.
  • Primed for any workflow, anytime, these docs will work as stand-alone pieces or fit into a built-once-use-forever automated system.
Get rid of admin time with BATCHED & READY TO GO proposals, questionnaires, pricing docs, shoot schedulers, contracts AND MORE.


step Four

  • Eliminate lost-leads and reduce ghost-clients by taking advantage of an automated IMMEDIATE response (without having to do a thing!)
  • Book shoots while you’re on shoots…or while you’re on vacation, or while you’re sleeping, or while you’re collecting vintage portuguese pottery (too niche?!).
  • Deploy a dream automation that you can use over and over and over
Eliminate hours of admin work and never leave a client hanging with automated lead capture, nurture sequences, bookings, contracts, payments, and MORE.

  • Accelerated lead conversions and bookings
  • Efficiency engine running automated business administration 
  • Running your business like an EXPERT LEVEL photographer. 
  •  Hours of reclaimed time to focus on getting more clients or doing the things you ENJOY doing. 

Your life after taking this course...

how does this sound?

🗺️ A step-by-step course showing you how I automate EVERY aspect of my business admin using Notion and Dubsado

🫡 A done-for-you Notion vault of canned emails, proposals, packages, and questionnaires, and docs that you can copy-and-paste into your Dubsado account to ELIMINATE inbox time

🤝 A build-once-use-forever lead workflow that you can install into your own business to convert more leads into paid clients (and to help you get rid of those dern ghosts!)

🌊 A build-once-use-forever booking workflow to help you book shoots while you’re on shoots (or doing whatever it is you like to do, didn’t you say you like to collect vintage portuguese pottery earlier?)

🫶 My pretty template formula for making your OWN beautiful templates right in Dubsado

Ready to ditch the busy work & focus on what you love?

My designed-for-you automated business admin system to help interior and architectural photographers eliminate 10 hours of admin time per week, keep hot leads engaged, and book photoshoots on auto-pilot.

choose the plan that works for you.

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Most Flexible: 3 Payments

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When you enroll, you'll also get these awesome bonuses:

And there's more!

Shot List Template

To leave clients DROOLING!!!
And make planning shoots a breeze.

value $150!

Multi-Party Licensing

My multi-party project set up to make multi-licensing a BREEZE. 

value $300!

Canva templates to customize your Dubsado Client Portals!

value $95!

Client Portal Templates

In my course, I’ll show you exactly what I do to make my clients want to work with me again and again. Plus, this system gives me the freedom to...

   🏃‍♀️ Train for a half marathon

   🇮🇹 Be a tour guide in Italy for D1 basketball players (yes, I really did that!)

   🐕 Walk my dogs every day

   🚗 Conduct sales calls on road trips...or from anywhere! 

   🍻 Drop everything on a Friday to meet a friend for happy hour.

Hi, I'm Molly!

Do you want more freedom & more control? 

Before I automated my admin I was having to make the daily decision of "how to split the baby": edit to deliver shoots or do admin to book more shoots?

I was exhausted, I was dropping the ball, and I felt like if someone could just show me how to automate the business side of my business then I could focus on photography. 

But, there was no one to help me... so I created my own system and now I want to teach you how to use it so that you don't have to decide between editing and admin or admin and living your life!

Your life after taking this course...

But it wasn't always this way

Change the way you run your business...and get your free time back.

How it works:

Step One: Join Accelerate & Automate

Step Two: Go Through The Course

With your new automated systems, move your business into the fast lane. Build the system once & it will work for you forever! ...you might even get a little addicted to automating, I'd love that for you!

Step Three: Do it once, Done Forever

Now you're gettin' somewhere! Once you're in you'll understand how tech like Dubsado and Notion can truly eliminate hours of work. This is a path to success for any photographer stuck in the weeds.

 The first cut is the deepest Trust me, I know how hard it is to jump into a new project but my course is a step-by-step system that will eliminate up to 10 hours of work per week!

On the fence? I get it.

Here's how to know if you're ready for an automated admin system:

+ Wish you knew more about running your I&A photo biz.
+ Are stuck in an ever-spinning email vortex.
+ Are losing track of leads.
+ Are struggling to book shoots consistently. 
+ Are using a manual process 

This course is for you if...

+ You aren't open to using Dubsado.
+ You never lose track of leads, contracts, or shoot details. 
+ Your booking workflow has clients begging to work with you. 
+ You love emailing people after shooting and editing all day.

This course is not for you if...

The Course for Interior & Architectural Photographers
who want to build an efficiency engine under the hood of their business.

Stop spending all your time running your business, wasting time, losing track of leads, and pulling your hair out because you haven't figured out a better way to manage, track, and store contracts, invoices, and client info.   

It's time to put your business on autopilot.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Course & The System

I recommend setting aside 7 to 15 hours of work to audit, attract, accelerate, and automate your business system. If you’re an existing Notion & Dubsado user, you might find that you’ll get through the program more quickly. If you’re coming over from another platform like Honeybook, Tave, or 17Hats, you might find there is a slight learning curve to using Dubsado.

How long will it take to go through the course and get my system automated?

After years of teaching this course to photographers, the general feedback is that for the highest possible level of performance with the LEAST amount of work, Dubsado is the best option. While you can purchase the course and try to translate it to another program, I do recommend you start with Dubsado.

You can get 20% off your first month or your first year of a new Dubsado account with my code ‘mollyrosephoto’ at checkout.

Do I have to use Dubsado or can I use this program with something else?

ANYTIME is the best time to start automating your business. It’s a great thing to do when you’re SUPER busy to free up time… and it’s a great to-do to tackle when you’re SLOW and gearing up for busy season. It’s always a good time to automate your business admin system.

When is the best time to tackle a project like Accelerate & Automate?

All Dubsado support is available directly through Dubsado Support & the Dubsado Help Center is extremely well-versed and will assist with any need. You can even hire a VA to install the entire Dubsado system for you!

Do your offer live trainings or support for Dubsado?

Yes! Once you join the course, you'll be able to access our private Facebook group to connect with other photographers who are also automating their business admin systems.

Do you have a support / community group?

No - there aren’t any contracts or sub-agreements or licensing agreements offered in the course. For any contracts or licensing agreements we suggest that you work directly with a lawyer.

Do you include contract templates in the course?

My designed-for-you automated business admin system to help interior and architectural photographers eliminate 10 hours of admin time per week, keep hot leads engaged, and book photoshoots on auto-pilot.

Do you want to keep playing checkers? Or are you ready win a game of chess?

Real talk, friend...


📆 Full calendar of great leads! 

💸 A fully automated system where clients could book shoots in one link! 

🛫 Deliver personalized contracts and invoices on autopilot

🏝️ Regained freedom and control of your business to do more of what you love! 

Start running your business like an expert-level photographer and get control of your time.